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Camelia, or Cami for short, is our other junior doeling we brought in to better our genetics. We love the length and dairy character she has. Her second freshening udder has really amazed us. It is well attached and globular with excellent sized teats and smooth texture. She earned her AR milk star as a second freshener in 2023. She just keeps getting better with age, and we're excited to get her back into the showring this year!

Cami has some killer genetics behind her. Her dam, Briarcrest PF Crown Jewel 2*M, earned her milk star as a first freshener, and has done very well in the show ring. Her sire, Copper Canyon V Big Bling, is a nephew to the stellar SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M. 

Show Wins
*2-00 282 1720 82 69
1-00 244 1290 69 53

4 month old kid

1yr FF


2yr 2F


2F Udder

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