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Care for Bucks

Bucks are relatively easy to care for, as long as they aren't neglected. Since they aren't handled much outside of breeding time, it can be easy to miss when they are beginning to lose body condition, or if they need dewormed or their hooves trimmed. I promise you, though, staying on top to their health and keeping them in good shape is much easier than bringing them back up to health after the fact.

To keep our ADGA Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf bucks healthy, we check body condition scores and FAMACHA regularly. Fecals are ran on any buck with low scores, and they are dewormed as needed. Outside of rut, our bucks are on pasture or grass hay full-time unless they need more conditioning. If they need a little weight, we feed a mix of Tucker Milling Goat Grower and alfalfa pellets. During rut they are definitely being fed this grain mix, and usually for a while after rut because it brings them down so much. When feeding bucks grain, make sure the calcium to phosphorus ratios of your feed are kept between 2:1 to 4:1. This will prevent urinary stones.

Bucks get their CD&T boosters once a year, usually right before breeding season. Minerals are available at all times, and we give copper boluses every 6 months. We try to trim hooves once a month, although admittedly it does happen less during rut... no one wants to deal with a stinky buck.

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