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Ash is a wonderful young buck whom I just adore. He has a lovely topline and strong, thick legs. Like all young bucks, he's still got a lot of maturing into himself left to do, but I love what I see so far. His first kids have been stellar - we retained two for our herd and already see improvements over their dams. We hope to see some of his dam's udder in theirs as well after they freshen next year.

Ash's dam is CH Blissberry LT Light My Fire 8*M, a wonderful doe doing great things in the Briarcrest herd. She effortlessly earned her milk star as a first freshener and has already surmounted a lot of show wins over her career. Light My Fire is a powerful doe with strong feet and legs to support her frame, and she has a beautifully attached udder with perfect teat placement and a lovely foreudder.


Ash, 2 yrs


CHBlissberry LT Light My Fire 8*M as a first freshening 3 year old, photo curtesy of Briarcrest Farm

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